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Document Drying & Data Recovery

While the number of companies that turn to electronic documentation is on the rise, the fact remains that paper documentation is still used by the majority of businesses nationwide.

Alliance Disaster Kleenup has the ability to save both traditional paper documentation and restore/recover electronic data. Alliance Disaster Kleenup uses the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that no critical information is lost. Time is of utmost importance when dealing with wet paper. In order to minimize the damage to documents it is best to begin the restoration process within 48 hours of the incident. This can reduce the cost and levels of damage significantly and prevent the need for page separation and/or mold remediation procedures. By using advanced techniques such as freeze drying, Alliance Disaster Kleenup can thoroughly restore damaged documents or books.


We can also clean and restore critical film, microfilm, and visual or audio tapes. Once cleaned Alliance Disaster Kleenup can store these items securely until the structure itself has been restored and they are ready to be moved back in. Alliance Disaster Kleenup’s teams of trained professionals are capable of tackling the toughest jobs. They are trained to use any number of the latest techniques, such as freeze drying, microbial disinfection, deodorization, soot removal, or blast freezing. Alliance Disaster Kleenup also provides our expertise to restore computers when possible or recover data off of computers that are unable to be restored.