catastrophic events

Storms are often the cause of extensive damage to commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Alliance Disaster Kleenup is the solution to all types of damages caused by storms. Our teams are always available 24/7 to respond during or after the storm.

As with any type of restoration project, time is always a critical component. Our teams can be onsite to assess the damages in a matter of hours. Upon arriving onsite, one of our trained project managers will determine the best course of action to begin the restoration process and then call in all necessary manpower and resources to mitigate damages and begin the process of restoration and reconstruction. No matter what type of storm or how severe the damage that has been done, the Alliance Disaster Kleenup team is able to start you down the road to recovery.

Hurricanes – While these storms are often most severe near the coasts, the effects and remnants can often be felt well inland. The power of hurricanes vary greatly but at their worst they are capable of causing extensive damages due to the powerful combination of strong winds and drenching rains. Alliance Disaster Kleenup is a single source solution that has the ability to address both the effects of powerful winds and severe rains.


Tornados – While these storms may effect a smaller area than hurricanes, the damage created by them is often far more destructive. Often times the only solution to rectifying the damage caused by a tornado is to start over and rebuild. These storms are also often accompanied by rain that can compound problems to structures left standing. Alliance Disaster Kleenup has the expertise to partner with you in completion of any sized project.

Earthquakes – Earthquakes vary greatly in their magnitude. Anything above a 5.5 on the Richter scale has the potential to cause serious damage to structures that were not built to withstand strong earthquakes. When dealing with a powerful earthquake the damage will be widespread and severe. Alliance Disaster Kleenup can assist in both the restoration and rebuilding aspects following any substantial earthquake.

Hail – Sometimes hail falls and causes little more than an inconvenience, and other times it is a highly destructive force that destroys cars, homes, and buildings. Alliance Disaster Kleenup has trained individuals that know how to recognize and repair the damages caused by severe hail. It takes a trained individual to determine if hail damage exists and what should be done to address it. In the years Alliance Disaster Kleenup has been in business we have garnered the requisite experience to successfully identify and repair hail damage.